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Find Remote Jobs With Companies Paying In USD!

Remote Jobs Starting From $1,000 USD Per Month 

Create your CloudTask Marketplace Candidate Account and start gaining access to the resources and support you need to compete for remote job openings with companies hiring for Sales Development, Account Executive, Customer Success, & Customer Support Roles.

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How It Works

Step 1. Create Your Video Profile

Your CloudTask Marketplace Video Profile is how you’ll introduce yourself to the hiring companies and highlight key facts about you and your professional experience. This is your opportunity to make a strong first impression so that you stand out to hiring managers searching through the CloudTask database as someone they'd want to select for an interview.

Step 2. Video Profile Review and Approval

One of our Sales Outsourcing Specialists will review your video profile for approval within 5 business days of your submission. Occasionally, we may contact you to re-record your video - OR - provide feedback and resources you can use to improve your video and maximize your chances of being selected for interviews. This will happen through VideoAsk, so keep it in your inbox.

Step 3. Promote Your CloudTask Profile

Once your profile is approved, your profile will be added to our Marketplace so that hiring Companies can review your profile and invite you to compete for their job openings. The more "in-demand" your profile is -- in other words, the more Companies want the skills, mindset, and potential performance you bring to the table -- the more interview invitations you'll get. REMEMBER: Your future clients decide whether they want to invite you to compete for a job opening...NOT the CloudTask team.

Step 4. Compete For The Job

When a company invites you to compete for its job opening, a member of our team will reach out to you to schedule an interview time with a representative from the hiring company. This meeting will take place via web meeting. 

PRO TIP: Responding promptly to meeting invitations and showing up consistently, prepared to demonstrate how you can create more value for the company than your competitors, will give you the best chance of winning job offers for more of the jobs you want. 

Step 5. Accept The Job Offer

If the hiring company decides to offer you the job, you will receive a notification from the hiring company and coordinate the next steps with the CloudTask team. 

Step 6. Prepare For Onboarding

Once you’ve accepted the job offer, you’re off to the races! The hiring company will take over from here to get you onboarded: Collect your payment details, set you up for training, etc. 

Kick off Your Journey By Creating Your CloudTask Marketplace Remote Candidate Account TODAY!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost associated with creating my account in the CloudTask Marketplace?

It’s free to join the CloudTask Marketplace. There is no cost to creating your account, publishing your video profile, and taking interviews with hiring companies.

When you get hired, hiring companies pay you through the Marketplace, and we send you their payment minus a 15% marketplace fee. Keep that in mind when you set your monthly rates in your profile and when negotiating your offers.

Do I have to record a video to be able to apply to open requests for sales candidates in the CloudTask Marketplace?

Yes, we need a video to rate your profile and determine if it meets the CloudTask Marketplace requirements.

Will I be working directly for CloudTask?

When you win a contract, you will be working directly for the hiring company represented in the request.

Does my location matter when applying for sales candidate requests?

Generally, the majority allow you to work from anywhere. But, if there is a restriction related to a specific request for sales candidates, you will find those in the details of the request.

What is the policy regarding solicitation outside of the Marketplace?

You should not solicit a buyer outside of the CloudTask Marketplace. This extends to a period of an additional twelve (12) months after you meet or transact through the CloudTask Marketplace.

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